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Paintings by Herbert L. Bressack
Review by Pat Ducher

The eyes are the windows to the soul. The job of the visionary artist is to experience higher spiritual states of consciousness and to bring this experience-in the form of energy and imagery- to the creation of his or her art.

Mr. Bressack narrates in his own words,  " At first, I was a little afraid to paint and make mistakes, but it felt so good, I felt liberated every time I started to paint. When two colors would touch each other, I sometimes would shiver and my hair would tingle. I knew that I was now in touch with another force. I literally felt plugged into the same eternal creative flow of energy that has spawned art from time immemorial. I was connected to the beginning. "

"At first, I used colored pencils and pastel chalks, none of which enabled me to capture and recreate the amazing day and nighttime dreams that I was experiencing. I started using acrylic inks with various size nibs or points, and then everything fell into place."

Viewing the paintings as a process and analyzing the content of each painting one can certainly feel that there is a gradual evolution in progress. As a result of working together to prepare this exhibit, Herb and I have shared a unique experience, he is truly a unique and inspired artist sure to be recognized in due course of time.

 God Bless and Namaste.

Reviewer  Pat Ducher


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