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 This is Gallery Three (click on painting for enlarged view, pricing, and descriptions)
All prints and giclee's fit in standard, off the shelf frames. No custom fitting needed.  
Mr. Kandinsky I Presume Little Park in the Middle of Where I Was Lost
Ceremony Of The Sacred Fire Dance (34) Mr. Kandinsky I Presume? (29) A Little Park in The Middle of Where I Was Lost (27) Coral Reef (36)
Alive at Last - Dead at First -Whose on Second? (28) Om Producing Machine (35) You Cannot Solve a Problem With the Same Mind That Created It! (56) What World Are You Living In? (44)
Looking for Hope In
A Hopeless Place 9/11/01
Even Pieces Remain Connected  (59) Softside of The Moon (The Cheese Conspiracy) (55) Life Around The Pond (23)
Supposed One Day Everyone Forgives Everybody  (54) Comes Unplanned With Instructions (46) If That's Your Dream, I Want To Meet Your Reality (26) Sperm Attack the
 Abortion Doctor

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