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This is Gallery One  (click on painting for enlarged view, pricing, and descriptions)
All prints and giclee's fit in standard, off the shelf frames. No custom fitting needed.  
0008260-R1-E013 0008260-R1-E014 0008260-R1-E015 0008260-R1-E016
So Many Dreams So Little  (13) Time Ordo Virtutum (Play of the Virtues) (12) Life Around the Web (11) Rapid Modulations (10)
0008260-R1-E017 0008260-R1-E018 0008260-R1-E020 0008260-R1-E021
We Shall All Be Changed in a Moment (9) 12 'O Clock - What Next? (8) Roasted in a Burning Love  (6) Appalled by it's Unfinished Finish (5)
0008260-R1-E022 0008260-R1-E023 0008260-R1-E024 0008260-R1-E025
Anybody out There?   (91) Amore E Palpito Deli Universe (3) Russian Roots - Cowboy Boots (for Kandinsky) (2) Which Came First, Wind or Feather  (1)
0008260-R1-E026 0008260-R1-E027 0008260-R1-E028 0008260-R1-E029
'Round Midnite (Jazz Juice) (22) Ghost Dance (for Jaya Sri) (21) If Only I Knew Now What I Knew Then  (20) Turn The Key Deftly In The Oiled Wards (19)

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